Insect and Weed Control

Bollgard II® XtendFlex® cotton delivers maximum control to help you maximize your yield potential.

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Triple-Stacked Herbicide Tolerance

Bollgard II® XtendFlex® technology is the first cotton technology to combine powerful insect control with tolerance to dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides.

  • This triple-stacked tolerance gives you three unique modes of action for fighting tough-to-control and resistant weeds.

  • ​With more choices for herbicide combinations to use and greater flexibility for when you can apply them — before, at and/or after planting — it helps you take your weed management system to the next level.

Deltapine cotton without using trait technology versus using trait technology

High Level of Proven Boll Damage Reduction

The advanced technology in Bollgard II® XtendFlex® cotton provides a wider spectrum of worm control and enhanced protection from lepidopterous pests. This technology prevents most leaf- and boll-feeding worm species from damaging bolls, which can impact yield

The Most Effective Weed Control System

Bollgard II® XtendFlex® cotton is just one part of the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System, which gives you the insect protection you trust from the Bollgard II technology plus effective weed control.

Notice: It is a violation of federal and state law to make an in-crop application of any dicamba herbicide on Bollgard II® XtendFlex® cotton unless the product label specifically authorizes that use.

Triple your protection against pests with Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® Cotton Technology.