New Product Evaluator Program

More Deltapine® cotton varieties are planted in the United States today than any other brand, and every one has been proven to perform by a New Product Evaluator.

A Collaboration with Deltapine and Real Growers

Since its inception over 10 years ago, the Deltapine® New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program has become the industry’s premier testing and commercialization program by inviting growers to evaluate variety candidates on large-acre plots under their own management systems and field conditions.

Who Are the Deltapine NPEs?

Our NPE Program is made up of roughly 200 growers representing all areas of the Cotton Belt. Most are veterans of the program who’ve helped us bring some of the most game-changing varieties to market, raising the bar on yield and quality expectations for the entire industry.

What Sets the NPE Program Apart?

For over a decade, the NPE Program has played a significant role in bringing innovative varieties to market. When it comes to testing new variety candidates, NPEs lead the industry by planting on large-acre plots, testing under their own management conditions and collecting valuable data. It’s a commitment made by nearly 200 growers across the Cotton Belt — many of whom are program veterans — dedicated to bringing the next class of strong varieties to life.

  • The NPE Program is instrumental to our ability to continually deliver cotton varieties that meet or exceed growers’ expectations.

  • Feedback from our NPE growers helps determine which candidates to commercialize and how to position new varieties across different regions with varied management programs.

  • NPE feedback is also delivered to the breeding teams so they can make future selections of characteristics and traits based on local growers’ wants and needs.

  • NPE testing is the final phase before commercialization — and it’s what separates Deltapine from competitors. Since it began in 2008, the Deltapine NPE Program has been responsible for the commercialization of some of the top-planted varieties across the Cotton Belt.

Where Do NPE Trials Happen?

New Product Evaluators from across the Cotton Belt test our candidates for commercialization to ensure performance in a variety of conditions. In our first season, 148 farms participated. Ten years later we have roughly 200 farms participating, 101 of which have been in the program since the very first year.

Deltapine new product evaluators (NPEs) locations on map


Before our Strong Cotton varieties can be tested by our NPEs, they start with a seed that's bred, tested and grown to deliver the premium fiber quality and higher yield our growers depend on. Explore our five-step commercialization process. 

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