Tough Cotton for Dryland Acres

Get all of the performance and less of the cost with DryTough™ dryland cotton varieties.

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Where You Farm, Conditions are Tough

Water is scarce, the ground is dry and growing cotton comes with added risk. We’re proud to offer three of our toughest cotton varieties for under $300* per bag. 

Deltapine® DryTough™ DP 1822 XF

A large seeded variety with excellent seeding vigor, above average storm resistance, strong stand establishment, good fiber quality under stress.

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Deltapine® DryTough™ DP 1549 B2XF

A proven variety with excellent heat tolerance and consistently high-performance potential on dryland fields with limited water for irrigation.

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Deltapine® DryTough™ DP 1909 XF

Very early to early maturity variety with good emergence and an excellent fiber package. Contains XtendFlex Technology.

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Deltapine® DryTough™ DP 1522 B2XF

A large seeded variety with excellent fiber quality potential under stress, ease of management and broad adaption.

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*Based on 2019 Suggested Retail Price for Cotton Zone E.

Discover Deltapine varieties that are  bred for, tested and made right here in West Texas.